Garten der Menschlichkeit

Wolfgang Heinz Straße / Bruno Apitz Straße

Caroline Creutzer bearbeitet Ihre 5 Findlinge, die das Symposion zur Verfügung stellte. Zuerst wird die Form herausgearbeitet, dann geschliffen, zuletzt poliert sie Wachs ein, damit die Steine glänzen. Nun müssen die Steine noch umgesetzt werden.


Caroline Creutzer edit your five boulders that turned the Symposium are available. First, the shape worked out, then sanded, polished them last a wax, so that the stones shine. Completed for the garden of humanity.

27.09.2013 die Steine einen Tag vor dem Wachsen. The Stone one day before waxing. (Foto Caroline Creutzer)


Caroline Creutzer:


Works Title: „ Tears of Joy, Tears of Sorrow Trail” (Der Weg der Glücklichen und Unglücklichen Tränen)


Why did I choose to symbolize the theme of “Humanity” with different tears?


The tears are a mean for a non-verbal communication which belongs exclusively to the characteristics of Humankind. No other Primate sheds emotional/Psychic tears. This doesn’t mean that they don’t show or have emotions – they are just unable to produce emotional tears.


There exist 3 types of tear categories. I have chosen the Psychic/emotional Tears to illustrate “the Garden of Humanity”.


It must be remembered that among the various Tears triggered by intense emotions, most of them are beneficial in order to cope with our environment, difficult or overwhelming situations. They have a protective role for our Psychic Health or Well-being.


With this Installation I also wanted to build up a TRAIL where all generations could have a common ground to sit down on and prolong the children’s playground located on the other side of the walking path.




5 Granite Findlings from Brandenburg, Mohs scale of hardness (1-10): this stones ca. 5-7






The Installation “Tears of Joy, Tears of Sorrow Trail” in the Garden of Humanity (with Stone 1-5) measures ca. 15 meters




Stone 1

"Tears of Love"

The path of the Love-Tears joins the polished “Love-Band” which surrounds the whole stone…


H: 75cm; W: 85cm; D: 90cm




Stone 2

"Tears of Relief, Happiness, Agony, Despair, Fear and Anger) This is the main stone. Tears are the Words that the Heart can’t say…"


H: 55cm; W: 110cm; D: 110cm




Stone 3

"Tears of Joy and Pleasure"


The path of the tears takes here a meandering shape, like a gliding slide for the happy tears… These tears are activated when you experience something beautiful or emotionally positive (when you meet a friend after a long time who you thought you had lost… a birth, nature, a piece of music, a book, etc…).


… then you meet again and the tears of joy can’t be retained…


H: 66cm; W: 95cm; D: 60cm




Stone 4

"Tears of Compassion, Sadness and Grief"


Nowadays, crying among men or in public is getting more acceptable – “Big Boys don’t cry” is a Myth. You are never too old or too sensitive to cry and show the “real” person in you…


H: 80cm; W: 140cm; D: 70cm




Stone 5 

"The Blood of the Soul"


There are tears that never reach our eyes and remain deep inside, making holes through our heart… The polished surface of the stone is there to symbolize the person who won’t exteriorize any emotions of pain and who keeps everything for himself… The tears reach down and won’t leave his/her inner core. Thus, I have carved a recipient where the tears stagnate…


H: 80cm; W: 120cm; D: 80cm






The Installation “Tears of Joy, Tears of Sorrow Trail” is surrounded by residential buildings and is placed between a birch and a chestnut tree not far away from a playground and a walking path. It is located in the green area behind the Wolfgang Heinz Straße und Bruno Apitz Straße


52.62896° N

13.49452° E



Der Aufbau der Steine am bereits im Vorfeld festgelegten Standort. Firma Besch und Straman hilft beim Transport. Die Steine sollen in einer bestimmten Anordnung gelegt werden.

The setting the stones at the allocated place. Firma Besch and Straman helps for the transport. The stones should be placed in a certain order. 

Caroline planted 180 flowers between the granite stones. We can admire next spring. A birch nearby is reminiscent of Sweden.

Caroline pflanzte 180 Blumen zwischen die Steine, wir werden sie nächstes Frühjahr bewundern können.

Eine Birke in der Nähe erinnert an Schweden.